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2019-05-30 The University of Liechtenstein is a young and dynamic university of the international Lake Constance region. It
is an internationally renowned centre of research and higher education and serves as a think tank in the border
region of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

The Institute of Information Systems at the University of Liechtenstein is pleased to announce the following

Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Business Process Management

The open position is located at the Hilti Chair of Business Process Management (BPM) held by Professor Jan vom
Brocke. Both research and teaching at the Hilti Chair focus on innovative topics related to leveraging digital
technology in organizations and next generation ecosystems. The chair provides a world-class environment for
junior academics both regarding ambitious academic work as well as challenging practice-oriented experience.
Members of the group have published in top-tier journals, including Management Information Systems Quarterly
(MISQ), Journal of Information Systems Association (JAIS), Journal of Information Management Systems (JMIS),
European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), Journal of Information Technology (JIT) and the MIT Sloan
Management Review.

We are looking for an individual with a Ph.D. in Information Systems, Management Science, Computer Science,
or from closely related disciplines, with high ambitions, great commitment and distinct passion for his or her
work. We seek an outstanding personality, who can contribute to and extend our work in Information Systems
and Business Process Management. We are open to further define the work area based on the strengths and
interests of the successful candidate. Both research areas and methods should integrate well with the research
and teaching portfolio of the institute. Successful candidates are expected to develop and drive relevant research
agendas and to grow their area of research and teaching in our group. This includes publishing in international
top journals, collaborating in international academic networks, actively contributing to the acquisition of funding
for research projects, collaborating with industry partners, and teaching Information Systems and Business
Process Management courses at undergraduate, graduate and executive level.

One of the smallest countries worldwide, the Principality of Liechtenstein is beautifully located in the Alpine
Rhine Valley right in the heart of Europe. The micro state is home to people from over 100 nationalities, and the
country has one of the highest gross domestic products per capita worldwide. It has a diversified economy
focusing on both product and service innovation. You will find headquarters from world leading international
companies as well as a lively scene of start-up companies. As a modern business location, Liechtenstein stands
for innovation, development and stability.

The assistant professor vacancy is a position with an initial appointment for 3 years and the possibility for
extension for another 2 years. Knowledge of German language is not essential, but candidates are expected to
learn German from the outset of enrollment. We particularly welcome and encourage applications from women.
Also, we welcome applications from disabled people, and ethnic minority groups.

Please send your detailed application documents by 10th June 2019 to:


University of Liechtenstein
z.H. Mag. Christoph Jenny
Head of Administrative Department for Human Resources

Contact and detailed information:
Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke
Hilti Chair of Business Process Management, Head of the Institute of Information Systems
jan.vom.brocke@uni.li, phone +423 265 13 20

Universität Liechtenstein Die Universität Liechtenstein ist jung, regional verankert und international aktiv. In den Bereichen Architektur und Raumentwicklung, Entrepreneurship, Finanzdienstleistungen und Wirtschaftsinformatik wirkt sie als innovativer Denkplatz im Vierländereck Liechtenstein, Ostschweiz, Vorarlberg und süddeutsche Bodenseeregion. In zahlreichen Projekten und Programmen gibt sie Impulse für Wirtschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft. Seit über 50 Jahren werden gefragte Fachkräfte aus- und weitergebildet. Das Studium erfolgt in einem sehr persönlichen Umfeld.
Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Business Process Management